Once Upon a Chapter

Stephanie here to give you a brief history of my book review blog Once Upon a Chapter!

Once Upon a Chapter was co-created by Stephanie and Lisa in 2010. We were both emailing each other back and forth with constant updates on what we were reading and what we thought about them. It became obvious that we both had similar tastes and that we both had lots of opinions! We created Once Upon a Chapter to have a place where people can come together to celebrate the written word. Lisa reviewed at Once Upon a Chapter until March 2012. Lisa continues to review for The Romance Reviews.

Once Upon a Chapter originally started as a blog dedicated to romance novels of all variety. As I began to explore the young adult genre I found that I had more than one fictional love. Once Upon a Chapter now reviews a large range of books; romance, mystery, new adult, young adult, and some middlegrade in almost all sub-genres.

I continue to review most of the books that I read and I have to say I have never had more fun with blogging. Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love helps me out by reviewing books when she has the chance.

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