Blogging Ta Da {11}

One thing that I’ve learned about myself is that my list making is an anxiety reducing ritual. I will make elaborate lists to try and schedule every aspect of my life so that I can feel in control. Seems obvious right? Well it isn’t when you’re the one performing the ritual. LOL With that being taken into consideration, I’ve reduced the number of lists that […]

8/19 Nostalgia Review Round Up

I actually really did enjoy this Super Special. I think that for the most part the girls acted like most normal teenage girls would with a trip to California. This is so different from my childhood that taking a plane without an adult just seems like fantasy but I know it happens all the time. The only thing that got to me in this book […]

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo *Alexa’s Review*

I love Bardugo’s other books with a passion, I push them on anyone I meet who also likes to read, even if they read in a different genre. This book was one I just had to get my hands on and since it is adult I wanted even more dark turns and twists as well as some adult themes. The beginning of this book is […]