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Bloggiesta Spring 2015

But just in case you are new to Bloggiesta, first let me ‘splain. Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon (sometimes over a weekend, sometimes four days and this time one week!) where we as bloggers gather together to help each other work on all sorts of blogging tasks, stuff that we often put off and avoid. Or stuff that we’re scared of trying. Or stuff that […]

Bloggiesta March 2013

To sign up click here! I have big plans for Once Upon a Chapter! Part of those big plans include getting a bunch of little stuff done. Rather than try to break it out by day I simply have a list of goals I’d like to accomplish this weekend: Participate in at least three mini-challenges. Complete Blog Smarter Schedule Ruby’s April Event Announcement Tweak new […]

Bloggiesta To Do List

Guys, it has seriously been one of the crappiest weeks that I can remember in the history of my working career. It was long, people were obnoxious, I was snarky and mean. Generally I avoid confrontation. By 3 o’clock this afternoon I was seeking it out. What this means for my blog is that I have a lot of pent up energy and a list. […]


Well, it’s been awfully quiet around here lately. Things got a little crazy too fast for me to process in my personal life. Most of it is going to continue going on and it’s something that I will learn to juggle and handle. Nothing serious has happened to me physically and really while it’s serious to me it is not uncommon and will get better. […]