Stephanie I am a reader with an appetite! I am grasping at my 20’s but getting ready to launch into my 30’s. I married my best friend in 2007. We are happy and so far have decided against having children.

This leaves a lot of time for reading and blogging. 😉 I will read anything that has words. I have a room dedicated to my books. I have also come to LOVE my Kindle. It is horribly convenient but I have a lot of physical books left to read. I read all of the genres that are reviewed at Once Upon a Chapter. It’s a large span from romance to young adult, middlegrade to mystery, and young adult in almost all of their sub-genres. I started Once Upon a Chapter because I couldn’t talk to anyone about the books I loved in real life. I have since made a ton of friends through blogging and continue to meet new and wonderful people everyday.

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