Starlight by Chelsea M. Campbell *Stephanie’s Review*

I signed up for a blog tour to review Starlight because the synopsis sounded like my kind of story. Girl meets boy who sees a diamond in the rough in girl. Boy then polishes girl to a bright shine and everyone sees the great person she is. Right? Well you’d be wrong. Don’t worry, I was too. My biggest complaint with Starlight is in fact […]

Review: The Unexpected Gift by Amanda Shofner

The Unexpected Gift by Amanda Shofner gave us a peek at what Michael Cooper has been through and what he’s willing to go through to stop the Hunters. I really enjoyed Elusive Memories the first book in the series and I was eager to spend more time among the characters. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed finding out what it was that made Coop tick. […]

Review: Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage by Susanna Carr

Ever had one of those books that you picked up because it sounded okay but you weren’t expecting much out of it? Like that book wasn’t going to do much to impress you. You’ve seen it all. Sure you’ll probably enjoy this book but then POW! it takes you completely by surprise and you end up really enjoying yourself? Yeah? That’s what Secrets of a […]