Spinning Out of Control by Vickie McDonough *Stephanie’s Review*

Amy Rogers is destitute after paying off her negligent father’s gambling debts. Amy’s father was barely around while he was alive and she’d rather not remember the times that he was home. Almost penniless and alone, Amy seeks out her cousin, hoping Kathryn will have the heart and space to take her in. Amy arrives to find herself in another nightmare. Kathryn is in labor […]

Fatal Secrets by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*

Sonia’s life has been hell. Her own father sold her into the human trafficking world. He even got a higher price for her because she was a virgin. Sonia is a fighter and she never let her attackers overpower her. She fought, and she lived. Sonia was rescued by a Texas ranger who adopted her. She lost her adopted father suddenly and settled in with […]

Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione *Stephanie’s Review*

Runa Wagner made the mistake of falling for a man who only went by the name of Shade. Before Shade, Runa was shy and never took risks but Shade was patient with her and truly seemed to care for her. That illusion is shattered the night that Runa walked in on Shade with not one but two other women. That night Runa’s life was altered […]