Review: Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown

I picked up Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown because the woman has written a ton of books and they all seem to get some great buzz. I now know that Brown’s romantic suspense books are more to my taste. I can’t say that I love her contemporary romances but it did help pass the time. I have to say I wasn’t entirely engaged in Eloquent […]

Review: Secrets of a Bollywood Marriage by Susanna Carr

Ever had one of those books that you picked up because it sounded okay but you weren’t expecting much out of it? Like that book wasn’t going to do much to impress you. You’ve seen it all. Sure you’ll probably enjoy this book but then POW! it takes you completely by surprise and you end up really enjoying yourself? Yeah? That’s what Secrets of a […]

Review: The Twelve Days of Seduction by Maire Claremont

Adriana Flint has managed to pull herself up and out of the gutter. She has covered a multitude of positions and she has finally obtained a position that deserves respect. Adriana is the governess to the ward of the Duke of Berresford Alexander Hunt. The problem comes when Alexander finds out that she has been less than scrupulous to obtain that position. In an effort […]