Review: Real Live Boyfriends by e Lockhart

When I originally picked up The Boyfriend List, I wasn’t all that impressed. I found Ruby to be a bit annoying and one of those people who magnified her problems until they were insurmountable. I’m not sure why but I stuck with the series and it paid off. Maybe it was because she started out as a character I didn’t love, that I enjoyed Real […]

Stephanie Reviews The Boy Book by e Lockhart

Stephanie Reviews The Boy Book by e Lockhart

The Boy Book by e Lockhart was a great young adult contemporary that I almost missed. I almost missed it because I really thought that the first book in the series was just so-so. I had this book in the TBR pile and I have to say that I’m glad I gave this author a second chance. Ruby Oliver is like a whole different person […]

Reivew: The Boyfriend List by e Lockhart

Oh boy! This book was entertaining but there were times when I found Ruby just outright annoying. To an extent, I just did not get it. I get that Ruby needed to see a therapist and believe me I understand it. The poor girl went through a lot in a very short amount of time. I’ve made it out of high school and I do […]