Smoke by Ellen Hopkins *Stephanie’s Review*

After I finished Burned by Ellen Hopkins, I tried to forget that I read it. It was too sad and absolutely no closure was given. I am so happy that I decided to continue and read Smoke. Smoke is split between both Pattyn and Jackie each girl is dealing with the fallout of tragedies their life has thrown at them. This book does have it’s […]

Burned by Ellen Hopkins *Stephanie’s Review*

I have so many issues with Burned by Ellen Hopkins. Mostly I just don’t deal well with the harder aspects of life. I will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. I am a peace maker and people pleaser and therein lies my problem. Burned made me look at situation that aren’t Cleaver squeaky clean. Hopkins writes her novels in verse. Uncomfortable as I was with […]

Smoke by Ellen Hopkins *Bianca’s review*

Ellen Hopkins has never completely disappointed me. She is an amazing writer and creates spectacularly heart breaking stories. You can always expect so much love and loss in her books. So many emotions accompany finishing one of her books. I hope to one day read every book she has written or writes in the future. I have a bit of an obsession. She has to […]