Blood on the Bayou by D.J. Donaldson *Stephanie’s Review*

Five Things I Liked About Blood on the Bayou: Andy Broussard is such a great character! He’s a heavy set man who likes the comforts of life and good food. He’s ridiculously smart. Donaldson’s mysteries are always good. He has always made me question who-dun-it and I typically don’t know until he lays it all out. I can finish one of these books in almost […]

Review: Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson

I had a hard time trying to get a hold of Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson. I discovered Donaldson when Astor+Blue asked me to review his newest release Bad Karma in the Big Easy. I loved it and needed more of Andy Broussard and Kit Franklin. Cajun Nights blended all of the things I love in one book. It had Southern gentility, a haunting […]

Stephanie Reviews Below Stairs by Margaret Powell

Stephanie Reviews Below Stairs by Margaret Powell

Below Stairs by Margaret Powell is a mildly interesting book. I was a bit disappointed with this book. This is partially my fault. I went into it thinking that it was a daring expose on the people that Powell worked for. It turned out to be an autobiography of a woman who worked in domestic service during both World War I and World War II. […]

Born at Midnight by CC Hunter *Alexa’s Review*

Kylie is stuck at Shadow Falls camp for the whole summer due to a mix up at a party she was at. She has no clue what is going on when she first arrives but soon it becomes clear that she isn’t with ordinary teens. Kylie is now stuck at camp with all sorts of paranormal people, the freaks as she likes to think of […]