Unbound by Sara Humphreys *Stephanie’s Review*

If I’m being honest, my only real interest in reading Unbound by Sara Humphreys was so that I could warp up a series. Don’t get me wrong, I have really enjoyed the Amoveo Legend series. Novellas have just never done much for me. I’ve never really read a stand alone novella but I think that I have to have a good deal of information before […]

Stephanie Reviews Undone by Sara Humphreys

Undone by Sara Humphreys is the fourth book in her Amoveo Legend series. It is Pete and Marianna’s story. I’ll be upfront here: I did not like Marianna much going into this book. She shows up in some of the previous books and in all of her interactions I just got the feeling that she was a character I could do without. I wasn’t even […]

Review: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

Wowzers! Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning is not only a super hot read but also a deeply emotional read! Jace and Aggie’s chemistry practically burns right off the pages (or screen). If you start this book, you may want to clear your schedule in order to finish this book as soon as possible. Jace Seymour has been a bit of a mystery since the first […]