Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child {Stephanie’s Review}

I rolled a Mystery/Thriller genre on my TBR Monopoly board. I’ve been itching to read the next book in the Jack Reacher Series. I saw an opportunity and grabbed it. Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child was my choice for this prompt. There was a lot happening in Gone Tomorrow. It all starts with an 11 point list and a suicide. Child always does something to […]

The Hard Way by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*

I have really enjoyed the Jack Reacher series to date and it was a treat to pick up the Hard Way by Lee Child. It is the tenth book in the series and I keep expecting it to flag at some point which it never does. It keeps surprising me with how good they are. I love reading Lee Child’s books! Jack Reacher is one […]

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart *Alexa’s Review*

Stephanie was nice enough to buy this for me for my birthday. We were then having a phone conversation in which we talked about this book and it finally encouraged me to read it. I know everyone says this book is all about that surprise ending and I knew I needed to know what exactly happened! This book does start off slow. There is a […]