Review: Echo Burning by Lee Child

Echo Burning by Lee Child is yet another fantastic entry in the Jack Reacher series. I have to say that I adore Jack Reacher. He is the embodiment of what I love in my thriller protagonists. He is highly intelligent, confident without being arrogant, polite, and friendly yet reserved enough to listen to his instincts. Reacher is all alone in the world and in this […]

Review: Trouble in the Tarot by Kari Lee Townsend

I truly enjoyed the third installment of the Fortune Teller Mystery series. Sunny is still her bright, exuberant self. Mitch Stone is still a little bit on the grumpy side but getting better with a little help from Sunny. The biggest difference in this book from the rest of the series is that Sunny and Mitch have decided to pursue a romantic relationship. Kari Lee […]

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton *Alexa’s Review*

Tara is a 30 year old mother who has always put her son first in her life. She had her 14 year old son Nathan when she was only 16 years and there is not a day that goes by that she lives her life fully for herself. She did manage to overcome adversity and start her own successful business as an event planner inbetween being […]

Gorgeous as Sin by Susan Johnson *Alexa’s Review*

Fitz who is the Duke of Groverland wants to desperately see his new project build. He wants to build on property that was all recently owned by shop owners, one by one they all sold their shops to Fitz so he could rebuild in the area. There is one person standing in his way with a little corner bookstore. Rosalind owns said bookstore and she […]

Review: Chasing the Sun by Kaki Warner

Daisy Etheridge has many regrets in her life. She wishes one of them could be Jack Wilkins, but if she’d never met Jack she wouldn’t have Kate. As much as she hates Jack for the whirlwind of emotions he’s dragged her through, she can never regret the daughter they created. Spending many months mending the broken heart he left her with, Daisy finally has the […]