Need by Carrie Jones *Alexa’s Review*

After Zara’s stepfather dies she is sent to live in Maine with her Gram. When she arrives in this new place she is a bit out of her element, this new place is so cold and it is also full of secrets. While one man keeps following her, Zara also has to deal with two boys taking an interest in her. Ian is the overachiever who wants […]

My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison *Alexa’s Review*

Savannah is granted a fairy godmother when her boyfriend dumps her for her sister Jane. Although when her godmother Chrissy shows up she is less fairy and more fair, Chrissy explains she is only fair because her grades in fairy school are not that great. All Savannah wants is a date to the prom so she doesn’t have to stay at home while her sister […]

Afterlife by Claudia Gray *Alexa’s Review*

This was the conclusion of Bianca and Lucas’s story and I was so excited for this book. Slowly over time I got into this series more and more as the books went on. In this story we see how Bianca is now a wraith and her boyfriend was killed and turned into a vampire. Bianca is faced with the knowledge that Lucas never wanted to […]