Entice by Carrie Jones *Alexa’s Review*

So this is the third book in the Need Series so at this point all of the characters are established and each has come into their own. We start the story off knowing that Nick has almost died and that he has been taken to Valhalla. Valhalla is the gods area where they keep warriors that they have saved from death in order to help […]

Illusions by Aprilynne Pike *Alexa’s Review*

On the first day of senior year Laurel is calm as can be just hanging out with her friends in the hall. That is until she sees Tam walk through the hall with exchange students. Once glance from him is all she needs to have her heart racing and confusion set in. She has not seen Tam since she told him in the forest to […]

Spells by Aprilynne Pike *Alexa’s Review*

When we last left Laurel, Tam and David everything was mostly on the right track. Laurel had saved her dad’s life and managed to keep their cabin with the help of the faeries. Upon returning to this exciting world we are informed that Laurel is invited to come spend most of her summer in Avalon so she can get back to her studies as a […]

Born at Midnight by CC Hunter *Alexa’s Review*

Kylie is stuck at Shadow Falls camp for the whole summer due to a mix up at a party she was at. She has no clue what is going on when she first arrives but soon it becomes clear that she isn’t with ordinary teens. Kylie is now stuck at camp with all sorts of paranormal people, the freaks as she likes to think of […]

Clarity by Kim Harrington *Alexa’s Review*

Clarity, known as Clare to her family, has always been called a freak for her gift. She can touch an object and get visions from the people who have last touched that object. Her gift is rare and it makes her special but the people at school don’t see it that way. Clare is a loner with very few friends, she mostly hangs out with […]