Review: Echo Burning by Lee Child

Echo Burning by Lee Child is yet another fantastic entry in the Jack Reacher series. I have to say that I adore Jack Reacher. He is the embodiment of what I love in my thriller protagonists. He is highly intelligent, confident without being arrogant, polite, and friendly yet reserved enough to listen to his instincts. Reacher is all alone in the world and in this […]

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn *Stephanie’s Review*

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is one of those books that left me unsure of how I felt about it when all was said and done. It is also one of those books that I can’t really discuss without spoiling a) the plot line and b) the ending. I can very easily see where this book got all of it’s hype. It is riveting, it […]

Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers *Stephanie’s Revew*

What I Loved: Robin LeFevers does a fantastic job with Grave Mercy! I love stories set in historical settings especially when they are carried out so greatly. Ismae is a great leading character and from the beginning you feel the need to cheer her on. Grave Mercy contained all sorts of exciting elements. There were the old gods that must be worshiped in secret, courtly […]

Killing Floor by Lee Child *Stephanie’s Review*

First Sentence: I was arrested at Eno’s diner. Super Brief Review: Amazing thriller that was incredibly hard to walk away from. Favorite Quotes: Stevenson still on the ball with the pump-action. “We got us a situation here, Mr. Reacher,” Finlay said. “A real situation.” Layers of fences separated with plowed red earth. Hubble didn’t look up. I didn’t nudge him. It wasn’t the Magic Kingdom […]

Review: Deadly Intent by Kylie Brant

Macy Reid is forensic linguistics expert and consultant for Raiker Forensics. She has been paired with another employee Kellan Burke, the smart-mouthed rebellious investigator to help solve their next case. Today, they are both being sent to the home of millionaire Stephen Mulder to investigate the kidnaping of his daughter Ellie. The strange circumstance surrounding this case is the fact that this not the first […]