Review & Giveaway: Mean Streak by Sandra Brown

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown was a fantastic break for me. It’s been such a long time since I’ve read a romantic suspense and Mean Streak really brought it. I read this book during a busy time period for me. Work has been hectic for sure. It took me about 25% through the book to really get invested but once I was I couldn’t put […]

Review: Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson

I had a hard time trying to get a hold of Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson. I discovered Donaldson when Astor+Blue asked me to review his newest release Bad Karma in the Big Easy. I loved it and needed more of Andy Broussard and Kit Franklin. Cajun Nights blended all of the things I love in one book. It had Southern gentility, a haunting […]

Review: Persuader by Lee Child

Persuader by Lee Child is the seventh book in the Jack Reacher series and I have to say that I’m still really enjoying it. Typically at this point in the game I’m getting bored with a series. Child keeps my attention by having a smart main character. Jack Reacher isn’t only intelligent when it comes to survival and hand to hand combat but he’s also […]

Review: Hereafter by Kate Brian

This is a book #2 in a series. Please assume spoilerage for previous books. Hereafter by Kate Brian takes off right were Shadowlands left off. There is really no refresher course to begin with but you do get the gist of the first book from things mentioned during the second book. I have to say I really enjoyed the characters a lot more in this […]