Roar and Liv by Veronica Rossi *Stephanie’s Mini Review*

Roar and Liv by Veronica Rossi was a little disappointing for me. When I read a novella between series books, I’m looking for new information. Obviously nothing ground breaking because that would make it a whole book and not a novella. Roar and Live is set before the events of Under the Never Sky. I felt like I knew everything that happened. It was just […]

Touched by an Alien *Bianca’s Review

Oh man! Why did I wait so long to read this book. Okay, maybe it was best I waited until I was in a certain type of mood. I had been starting some pretty sad books and just had to put them down. I was looking for something different, something that wouldn’t put me into a funk. I didn’t know much besides the fact this […]

Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch *Alexa’s Review*

When this book starts the reader is thrown right into the action, usually this doesn’t happen in books. Normally there is a long lead up to learn the characters and the setting before anything major happens. Well that is not the case with this book, at first it was a little difficult to follow just because so much was happening and so many new characters […]