Mini-Review: Vampire Fight Club by Larissa Ione

Vampire Fight Club by Larissa Ione served as a bit of a bridge between Ione’s Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series. It’s been several years since I finished the Demonica series. I haven’t gotten around to starting The Lords of Deliverance series. I only read Vampire Fight Club so I could mark the Demonica series off of my FictFact list. Oh my goodness! I forgot […]

Review: Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys

The struggle of the Amoveo people continues in Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys, the fifth installment of The Amoveo Legend series. If you haven’t read this series yet, you most definitely should give these books a try. Humphreys packs in excellent world building, characters you fall in love with, and some steamy, steamy scenes. I can’t wait to gobble her books up when they are released. […]

Review: Teardrop by Lauren Kate

I have never read a Kate book before so I had no idea what to expect going into this one but I wanted to give this author a chance to impress me. The summary drew me in… can you imagine being a woman and not being allowed to cry? That at every moment of your life you had to hold your emotions in, categorize them […]

Stephanie Reviews Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne

Stephanie Reviews Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne

Under Wraps by Hannah Jayne is the first book in her Underworld Detection Agency series. I have to say that I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this book. I had found that the fifth book in the series was releasing this month and looked further into because the cover caught my eye. What I got was a book filled with paranormal craziness. It […]

Stephanie Reviews Undone by Sara Humphreys

Undone by Sara Humphreys is the fourth book in her Amoveo Legend series. It is Pete and Marianna’s story. I’ll be upfront here: I did not like Marianna much going into this book. She shows up in some of the previous books and in all of her interactions I just got the feeling that she was a character I could do without. I wasn’t even […]