Gorgeous as Sin by Susan Johnson *Alexa’s Review*

Fitz who is the Duke of Groverland wants to desperately see his new project build. He wants to build on property that was all recently owned by shop owners, one by one they all sold their shops to Fitz so he could rebuild in the area. There is one person standing in his way with a little corner bookstore. Rosalind owns said bookstore and she […]

Twelve Nights by Hope Tarr

Normally I don’t plan on reading many holiday themed books during the holiday season but I got this one from a contest and I decided to get myself ready for the holiday season to read it. This book is about Lady Alys and Callum’s journey to falling in love and dealing with all the baggage from Aly’s past. Alys’ past includes whoring herself out for […]

Review: Forbidden by Christina Phillips

If you are looking for a light and fluffy romance, Forbidden is not the novel your looking for. Be prepared for a strong story of passion and adventure as two worlds collide. Caught in the middle are two lovers, on opposing sides, forced to either fight against each other or fight for the chance to stay together. Carys knows it’s forbidden for her to spy […]

Ruthless Heart by Emma Lang *Lisa’s Review*

Ruthless Heart is tender story of the power of love and how it can take someone weak and make them strong or warm even the coldest of hearts.  Fans of western historical romances reminiscent of the work by Joan Johnston or Johanna Lindsey will love Lang’s charming tale. Eliza Hunter lives a sheltered life.  As a member of her ward in the Latter Day Saints […]

The Summer of You by Kate Noble *Lisa’s Review*

Lady Jane Cummings’ summer has started off terribly wrong. Her brother Jason, absent for the last year, has returned home to send Jane and her ill father away from the busy city life in London to their summer home in Merrymere. Yet Jane refuses to go without Jason. She can no longer manage their father, who is forgetting where he is and who his own […]