New Orleans Requiem by DJ Donaldson *Stephanie’s Review*

Each book in this series seems to get better. New Orleans Requiem by DJ Donaldson was a great read. I’m slowly working on getting this series caught up. I have truly enjoyed each entry. Andy Broussard is such an awesome character. I really do love him. He’s a bigger guy with glasses and a very logical thinker. He also has a fine taste in food. […]

Blood on the Bayou by D.J. Donaldson *Stephanie’s Review*

Five Things I Liked About Blood on the Bayou: Andy Broussard is such a great character! He’s a heavy set man who likes the comforts of life and good food. He’s ridiculously smart. Donaldson’s mysteries are always good. He has always made me question who-dun-it and I typically don’t know until he lays it all out. I can finish one of these books in almost […]

Review: Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson

I had a hard time trying to get a hold of Cajun Nights by D J Donaldson. I discovered Donaldson when Astor+Blue asked me to review his newest release Bad Karma in the Big Easy. I loved it and needed more of Andy Broussard and Kit Franklin. Cajun Nights blended all of the things I love in one book. It had Southern gentility, a haunting […]

Review: Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D J Donaldson

It was a lucky day for Astor + Blue and for me when they contacted me to review Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D J Donaldson. I was in a pretty receptive mood and the premise of the novel had me intrigued. Despite the fact that it was the seventh yes seventh, book in a series I haven’t read I went against my […]