Blogging Ta Da {17}

Despite Bout of Books happening this week I still feel like I got a good amount of blogging work in! I’m definitely making progress on my book cataloging project which feels good. I think it’s also really helping that I set a small amount of goals to do each day and make them achievable. I’ve applied this to everything in my life and I seem […]

The Restorer by Amanda Stevens *Stephanie’s Review*

I’ve had The Restorer by Amanda Stevens on my TBR Pile for roughly forever. According to Amazon I bought the Kindle version in 2016 so not quite 4 years. I finally picked it up because it was a recommended read by a COYER participant. As an added bonus it fit the regular rules of COYER as well! I really enjoyed The Restorer. Basically if there’s […]

Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up {16}

The Wednesday Weekly Wrap Up is a way for me to share what’s been happening in my life through the week. It will be mostly book related but may include some stuff going on in my real life. It was inspired by Caffeinated Reviewer’s The Sunday Post. It’s been a weird week. I got obsessed with getting all of my books unpacked on Saturday and […]

Blogging Ta Da {16}

This week wasn’t overly productive. On the weeks I travel, my weeks are very rarely productive. BUT I did get a few things done and that feels pretty good. This week is Bout of Books so I don’t pressure myself to get a lot of blogging done while Bout of Books is going. I try to focus more on reading. Can’t be a book blogger […]