The Horror of Romance

Lisa’s Thoughts:A’hoy matey! Everyone aboard for the pleasure cruise! Nothin’ like getin’ some booty on the treasure chest filled with pirate booty!!! But seriously…who has better hair? Him or her? Hers is longer, I’ll give you that…but his is so luscious and tied with a manly bow! It looks like she rolled out of bed, had no clothes and decided to make her bed comforter […]

Author Spotlight: Sherrilyn Kenyon

“Author Spotlight” is one of the new spots we are adding to the blog. This section is a chance for us to give you a little more info on some our favorite authors. Maybe you’ve heard of them before but you’ll find a title you may have missed or maybe you’ll discover a new author to try! The author I am highlighting this month is […]

Hunky Hero Showdown!

All hunky heroes are created equal, right? WRONG! We love our heroes. We discover a new one in every book we read, but what if we had to pick one? What if your two favorite heroes asked you the most terrifying question: Who would you choose? Welcome to a little thing we at OUAC like to call the HUNKY HERO SHOWDOWN! THE BEST OF THE […]

Random Ramblings: Cooking & E-Mealz

Random Ramblings is a post that allows Lisa and I to talk about something, really anything, that we feel is worthy of attention. It could be a movie we’ve seen recently, a current song/band that’s rocking our world or something book related that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else on the site. I don’t know about you but most nights I actually like to cook….once I convince myself […]

Fatal Secrets by Allison Brennan *Stephanie’s Review*

Sonia’s life has been hell. Her own father sold her into the human trafficking world. He even got a higher price for her because she was a virgin. Sonia is a fighter and she never let her attackers overpower her. She fought, and she lived. Sonia was rescued by a Texas ranger who adopted her. She lost her adopted father suddenly and settled in with […]