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April 2021 Wrap Up

April…..was another hard month. Some of the reading slump from March held on through the first few weeks of April. Most of my reading was done at the end of April. Honestly my stats aren’t too terribly bad considering I didn’t start tracking again until around the 22nd. Just before Dewey’s something sparked in reading for me again. The rest of April reflects that. Dewey’s […]

January 2021 Wrap Up

January was actually a fairly good reading month for me. I read 10 books which is fairly good for me but a little bit lower than what I need to be able to reach my goals for the year. I hit some book burnout and had a hard time course correcting. I’m still in the middle of that long course correct but I’m feeling a […]

December 2020 Wrap Up

December wasn’t exactly a slow reading month but it was a little distracted maybe? I didn’t use the Bookly app for the last few days of the month because I thought I was going to go into the New Year all “who cares about stats? Not this girl. I just want to enjoy reading again.” It was, in fact, this girl. I don’t know why […]

November 2020 Wrap Up

November was such a hard reading month for me. I’m still pretty satisfied with what I was able to accomplish but I feel like most of the month I was just plain distracted. I also didn’t really love most of the books that I read. I enjoyed quite a few of them but not many actually grabbed me. I am sure this is a me […]

Stephanie’s April 2019 Wrap Up

I’m borrowing Lauren’s (Bookmark Lit) format to do my monthly check ins. This girl has her numbers down to a T and I adore her for it! April was a bit of a weird month for me. I started out not being terribly motivated about blogging. I’m not sure what changed but all of a sudden I was really motivated to start blogging again. I’ve […]