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Week Two of Alexa’s 30 Day Reading Challenge

What I Read: July 8th I didn’t read anything. July 9 Hunting Prince Dracula (pg 271-314) July 10 Hunting Prince Dracula (pg 315-418) July 11 Hate to Want You (pg 1-83) July 12 I didn’t read anything. July 13 I didn’t read anything. July 14 I didn’t read anything. Total for Week Two: 231 Pages Link to ReadbyZoe 24 Hour Readathon #ReadathonByZoe

Week One of Alexa’s 30 Day Reading Challenge

What I Read: July 1st Pennies pg. 223-285 Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 1-28 July 2nd Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 29-46 July 3rd Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 47-94 July 4th Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 95-176 July 5th Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 177-181 July 6th Hunting Prince Dracula pg. 182-270 July 7th Failed: I didn’t read anything!  

Alexa’s Top Ten of 2016

I was going to film a video for this but I’m sick and my voice is barely working so you get to see a post on this topic instead. I hope you enjoy it just as much. Please let me know your favorite reads in the comments below! 10 This was a really great read for me this year. I just loved how the setting […]

Discussion Post: Back to the Basics

I’m at a loss guys. I can’t seem to get enthusiastic about blogging right now. I’m not sure if it’s the stress at work, learning to live with a new work schedule with the hubs’s new job, or if it’s because I feel like I don’t have anything original to say or do. Sometimes I feel like I’m just churning out the same content over […]

Discussion: In Search of Confidence 

Although i feel like I do it less and less lately I’ve been blogging for years now. It is something I greatly enjoying doing when I can. I love sharing my thoughts with other bloggers and although my connection with the book blogging world has seemed to dim (working on that) it was so rewarding to find a place and people to talk about my […]