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Stephanie’s Stack of 10 #1

I’ve done something similar to this in the past. Previously I picked five books and stuck to them until they were done. Instead of doing strictly month to month TBR goals I’m going to go about this a little differently. We all have books we’ve been meaning to get to but they keep getting pushed aside for various reasons. I’m going to use my “Stack […]

Mid-Month TBR Check In

So I’ve read 5 of the 15 books that I had planned for this month. Eek! That doesn’t look good for my goals! BUT I’ll be finishing book 6 for sure and hopefully book 7 as well by Sunday night. That will bump me to 7 out of 15 so not quite half. I also have a feeling that quite a few that are still […]

Stephanie’s March 2019 TBR Pile

I realize that coming at March with a larger TBR than February when I didn’t even finish February seems a bit foolish. Honestly though I want to read every single one of these books! I am excited for them! I understand that realistically I probably won’t read all of these. I will probably be lucky to finish half of them. I am nothing if not […]

Stephanie’s January 2018 TBR

I *think* I may be over my reading slump. Maybe. I’m more inclined to read now than I was two months ago anyhow and I’m taking that as a positive. I”m trying to challenge myself to read just a little everyday. I’m hoping to get that goal done in the morning so I can have my goal met early in the day. I’m also picking […]