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My Monopoly Board and 2021 Challenges

Somewhere in the beginning of quarantine Lex had told me about making her own Monopoly board reading challenge based off of a romance challenge board that was circulating around Twitter at the time. I had seen the same board but never thought about taking the idea and making it my own. This is something that I use just for myself and so I changed the […]

September Blogging Goals

Lists make me feel like I have my life in control. When I accomplish the tasks on my lists, I’m happier. I feel more accomplished. The problem is that I’m unrealistic and a bit of an overachiever. Normally on Tuesdays I make these long complex lists to try and achieve. This month I’m going to start out by setting my intentions for September. I think […]

Stephanie’s 2020 Goals

Read 125 books (including BSC books) – This number may end up being higher. I made 100 this year with BSC reads and a few months of reading slumps. I’m hoping that planning out my reading by day into smaller goals will really help me stick to it! Stick to no more than TWO review copies per month – One thing that burns me out […]