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Discussion: My Issues with Consistency

It appears that I’m learning all sorts of new things about myself this year. I struggle with commitment and following through on all my plans. I’m a list maker who has blissfully ignored almost all of my lists. During the week that I wrote this I realized that there’s a reason I make these lists. I want the life these lists can bring. There’s a […]

Discussion: Do You Return Books to the Library Unread?

I always find other readers’ habits fascinating and I love to read about them. Mainly to see if there is anyway to make my reading/blogging time more efficient. I never really thought much about today’s question until I read a few posts and tweets about the topic. Now I’m burning with curiosity about other people’s library habits. Do you return books to your library unread? […]

What Are Some of You Favorite Discussion Topics?

This is a shameless call for help and your chance to contribute to the content at Once Upon a Chapter! This week’s discussion is an easy one! What type of discussions/posts do you like to read? Personally I love posts about: blogging tips reader habits pet peeves lists book budget-y type posts memes with photos posts that relate to real life and things outside of […]

How I Whipped My Blogging Self Into Shape

I think anyone who has blogged long term knows it isn’t easy. Blogging is a labor of love. We do it for a variety of reasons and because we’re passionate. I fell out of love with blogging and then was bitten viciously by the blogging bug again in April. I started small; copying and pasting one month’s worth of a meme and a review. The […]