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Discussion: Do You Struggle with Creativity?

I have a confession: I struggle with creativity. I think part of that has to do with liking things to remain similar because it is comforting to me. I have a format for my reviews, I like to have a somewhat flexible posting schedule, and a lot of times I am inspired by other people’s creativity. Original ideas are not my forte. This is what […]

Discussion: How Do You Handle DNF Books?

Lately I’ve been contemplating DNF (Did Not Finish) books. I’ve had a few books that weren’t great. Any voracious reader is going to have that. Turns out as a (newly discovered) mood reader, it may not always be the book’s fault; just my mood. I’ve talked before about being a constant victim of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). I’m also big on good endings. Because […]

Discussion: What Are Your Blogging Goals?

I’m excited about today’s discussion post! What are your blogging goals? I talked at the beginning of the month about my consistency issues and now I want to talk about my blogging goals. I’m not sure why but at 32 (33 in a month) I have finally grasped the concept that the hardest part of almost any project or process is getting started. On the […]

Discussion: Do You Have a Favorite Genre?

When discussing book buying habits with a friend the other day we realized that she is pickier in her purchases because she tends to only buy in her genres. I read across the board so my spending can be erratic. It made me think of a good discussion post: do you have a favorite genre? I can tell you that I don’t really have a […]

Discussion: Book Organizing Sites

Today I want to talk about book organizing sites. I used to use a lot of different sites using them more like social media platforms than book cataloging software. I use two things for book cataloging: GoodReads Book Collectorz GoodReads is my go to because it is easy to use. All you need is a book title and/or author and you’re set. I use GoodReads […]