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Discussion: Looks Like We’ve Made It *Mic Drop*

That title should be sung in a waily tone. And it’s really only a half truth. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my news on the blog but the last few months have been a blur. My husband received a promotion that included a nice bump in salary that we could just not turn down. The catch was that we would need to relocate. Thankfully not […]

Discussion: The Queen of DNF?

Today I, Alexa, want to talk about something that I have been doing a lot of in the last year of my reading life. That’s right folks I am going to talk about making the decision to DNF a book! As a reader I always hate to give up on a story because there is always the chance that with another 20 or 50 pages that […]

Discussion: Book Budgets – Do You Have One?

I understand that budgeting is different and means different things to each person. When my husband received his promotion I knew this was our chance to get our lives back on track financially. One of the first ways I like to try to save is by slashing what I spend on books. Once I got to digging around on my new library’s website I started […]

Life Update with Stephanie

*dusts off the top of my keyboard* Good morning! Let’s open this discussion first and foremost by my deep honesty: consistency is a concept that I can’t seem to grasp when it comes to blogging. Some days I wonder if I even know myself anymore. It’s been eight years (in a few days) since Once Upon a Chapter launched. My consistency in the last few […]

Discussion: Do You Eat While You Read?

I am a multi-tasker to the core. I’ll save you some reading time: totally eat while I read. I will eat while I read no matter the format. I’ve done it my entire life. The advent of (and my obsession with) ebooks has made this so much easier! Sometimes the mention of food in a book will make me start to crave good food. It’s […]