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Discussion: How Do You Follow Blogs?

Now that I’m trying to re-enter the book community, I’m also trying to find a way to efficiently follow book blogs. I can’t comment on every post but that doesn’t mean that I don’t read them. My current method is to use Feedly. *gulp* I just checked and I have 365 posts to sort through. I’m pretty happy with Feedly but I’m always looking for […]

Discussion: Looks Like We’ve Made It *Mic Drop*

That title should be sung in a waily tone. And it’s really only a half truth. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my news on the blog but the last few months have been a blur. My husband received a promotion that included a nice bump in salary that we could just not turn down. The catch was that we would need to relocate. Thankfully not […]

Discussion: The Queen of DNF?

Today I, Alexa, want to talk about something that I have been doing a lot of in the last year of my reading life. That’s right folks I am going to talk about making the decision to DNF a book! As a reader I always hate to give up on a story because there is always the chance that with another 20 or 50 pages that […]

Discussion: Book Budgets – Do You Have One?

I understand that budgeting is different and means different things to each person. When my husband received his promotion I knew this was our chance to get our lives back on track financially. One of the first ways I like to try to save is by slashing what I spend on books. Once I got to digging around on my new library’s website I started […]