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Discussion: I Don’t Even Have a Witty Title

The book community is a passionate one. If you’ve spent any amount of time in it, you know this. Readers have taken this great thing and created spaces for it on social media platforms and on servers. We love the worlds that authors create and there is nothing better than sitting down and discussing (or typing out) all the feels for a book. With all […]

Discussion: How Do You Follow Blogs?

Now that I’m trying to re-enter the book community, I’m also trying to find a way to efficiently follow book blogs. I can’t comment on every post but that doesn’t mean that I don’t read them. My current method is to use Feedly. *gulp* I just checked and I have 365 posts to sort through. I’m pretty happy with Feedly but I’m always looking for […]

Discussion: Looks Like We’ve Made It *Mic Drop*

That title should be sung in a waily tone. And it’s really only a half truth. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my news on the blog but the last few months have been a blur. My husband received a promotion that included a nice bump in salary that we could just not turn down. The catch was that we would need to relocate. Thankfully not […]

Discussion: The Queen of DNF?

Today I, Alexa, want to talk about something that I have been doing a lot of in the last year of my reading life. That’s right folks I am going to talk about making the decision to DNF a book! As a reader I always hate to give up on a story because there is always the chance that with another 20 or 50 pages that […]