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COYER Seasons: Spring 2022 Sign Ups

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere! Reminder on how it works…. COYER – Clean Out Your E-Reads – was initially about reading free (or nearly free) e-books and writing reviews for them. We’re going back to that as the basis, with some seasonal twists. At the end of each season, reviews entered in the review linky will be eligible for a $5 gift card […]

COYER 2022 – Can’t Wait to See You There!

So we tried something REALLY new with COYER for 2021 and, for the most part…. IT WORKED! So we’re doing it again, with a few tweaks and adjustments, get ready for another year of COYER Seasons and COYER Community. The More Things Change… But first, I have one very BIG IMPORTANT change to announce! COYER is getting two more co-hosts! So if you were part […]

COYER Fall October to December 2021

COYER Fall: November – December The rules will get a little tighter, without completely icing you out. Your rules for the Fall (beginning October 1) will be: Format & price don’t matter anymore. You can still read your eBooks and Audiobooks, but now you can also read physical books. They can be free, they can be $50. They can be Kindle Unlimited, borrowed, etc. Your […]

COYER 2021 Seasons & Community {Stephanie’s Participation}

The lovely ladies over at Because Reading have created an amazing challenge for 2021. It has been so great to see the changes that rolled out over the course of the 2020 Quarantine Edition of COYER. I am very excited to announce my participation in the COYER 2021! COYER Seasons COYER Winter: For COYER Winter I’m going to try to read at least one book […]

COYER Book Club

I wanted to share with you today something I’ve really been enjoying for the last few months! The ladies over at COYER are at it again. Not only is COYER now going to be a year long challenge but they’ve launched a few different aspects to it as well. Read-a-thons have always been a part of COYER and those will still continue. Buddy reading started […]