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Stephanie’s May 2016 Book Report

Beginning Balance May 2016: $0.00 spent What I Hope to Accomplish Pretty simple: keep it as close to $0.00 as possible. Ideally this number will remain the same. Use the library more. I’d love to see a number where I save more than I spend. Books Purchased: None!!! I have gone a whole month without spending anything on books. It feels pretty great. Normally I […]

Stephanie’s April 2016 Book Report

On April 27th, 2016 I instituted a book buying ban (for lack of a better word). It isn’t a ban in the truest respects. I don’t want to go full on crazy though that might be open for debate. You see I was actually going to change up my rules to give myself a bigger book budget. Then I was confronted about my general spending […]

Discussion: My Year of Reading Freely – A Proposed Project

I really wish that posts could have sub-titles because this one would have: A Proposed Project and a Study of Stephanie’s Spending Habits. I have a bookish spending problem. There. That’s the first step right? I thought a book budget would help keep me accountable. Budgets only work if you respect them and don’t have more clauses and sub-clauses than the contract in Fifty Shades […]

Stephanie’s March 2016 Book Budget

After the first quarter, I realized that my spending expectations were pretty low. I spent a third of what I had “budgeted” (I use quotes because there was no math involved just a goal with no real idea of how much I actually spend on books) in March alone. Ideally I would like to start reading what I purchase more quickly instead of letting it […]

Stephanie’s February 2016 Book Budget

Beginning Balance February 2016: $272.00 My Rules: I can spend $300.00 in new/new to me books for 2016. I can spend $120.00 in postage for Paperbackswap. Try to read 3 books from the TBR each month. Books Purchased: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – $2.99 (Already in TBR) Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder – $1.99 (READ) The Favorite by Kiera Cass – $2.99 (READ) […]