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Blogging Ta Da {8}

It took me two weeks to come back to this list. It seems like if I slip up one day I fall off entirely. This week I’m going to try and develop a new work/sleep/blogging/reading/life schedule so we’ll see if I can get it dialed in. Goals Check In Long Term Goals Check In: Finish my ebook purchases spreadsheet Create/update(?) my books read spreadsheet Get […]

Blogging Ta Da {7}

Previous Week Check In: Posts Scheduled: 6 Reviews: 4 (2 Round Up posts) Other Post Types: 2 Posts Drafted: 13 Reviews: 4 Other Post Types: 9 Blog Comments Left: 0 🙁 This week I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to. I’m starting to find my rhythm again but I don’t want to push anything too far! I am going to start trying […]

Blogging Ta Da {6}

It seems that whenever I see something in the book world negatively aimed at book bloggers I decide that this hobby of mine isn’t worth it anymore. It always takes a little bit before I remember that I have never done this for anyone but myself. So I’ll be back at again! If I can stick to this week’s schedule then I can get my […]

Blogging Ta Da {5}

Previous Week Check In Posts Scheduled: 9 Reviews: 2 Other Post Types: 7 Posts Drafted: 8 Reviews: 1 Other Post Types: 7 Blog Comments Left: 0 – It seems to be all or nothing with me here. I am participating in Bout of Books this week. In order to focus on my reading goals this week, I’m only going to focus on getting posts up […]

Blogging Ta Da {4}

This last week wasn’t quite as productive as I had hoped it would be but I’m still really happy with at least blogging consistently. I haven’t been able to say that in months if not years. This week I’m going to hit just a little bit harder at my list as I want to take it a little easy next week for Bout of Books. […]