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Blogging Ta Da {1/19/21}

I still haven’t quite got back to my normal blogging self. I’m working on it though. Sunday I started some new habit building techniques and I’m already seeing how much pressure I put on myself to accomplish a whole host of things without really having a plan or strategy. I have been just sort of throwing things out to the universe and hoping something would […]

Blogging Ta Da {1/5/21}

At the beginning of the week things were still a bit out of control as it was still the week between the holidays. I generally was being lazy and it was nice to take a break. On Sunday I started getting things under control again and on Monday I had my blog hosting migrated from GoDaddy to Book Host by Ashley. Once everything made it […]

Blogging Ta Da {12/22/20}

This week wasn’t as productive as the past weeks have been but I also have had less to do because of my productivity over the past weeks. This is completely fine with me! I spent a good bit of Sunday catching up on comments for one blog that I follow so now I’m moving on to the next blog. I’m feeling pretty happy right now […]

Blogging Ta Da {12/15/20}

You. Guys. I finished almost all of my December monthly goals yesterday. I got the last of the drafts for my December 2020 TBR books done. I even made the stretch goal of moving “work on drafting 2021 weekly posts” to “draft all 2021 weekly posts”. To complete the rest of my December goals I just need to catalog one bookshelf and then just read. […]

Blogging Ta Da {12/8/20}

This week was pretty productive and I’m very happy with how things are shaping up. I think I’ve found a method of tracking my blog schedule and the tasks that I need to stay with that blog schedule. Checking in at least once a day is definitely helping!! I am SO glad that I’m finally enjoying blogging again. December Goal Check In: Draft all December […]