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Blogging Ta Da {9/8/20}

I am SO proud of myself this week! Yesterday I worked on blog posts for a HUGE chunk of my day and it was worth it. I like being able to see progress. I also liked not having specific daily goals listed here. I may very well continue this format in the future. We’ll see how it goes! Long Term Goals Check In:

September Blogging Goals

Lists make me feel like I have my life in control. When I accomplish the tasks on my lists, I’m happier. I feel more accomplished. The problem is that I’m unrealistic and a bit of an overachiever. Normally on Tuesdays I make these long complex lists to try and achieve. This month I’m going to start out by setting my intentions for September. I think […]

Blogging Ta Da {6/30/20}

*dusts off and tries again this week* There are some weeks that I have a lot of goals. I start off at the beginning of the week with such good intentions. Usually something from the outside world makes me question if this is something that’s even worth keeping up. I know it sounds all gloom and doom but I promise its not. I just need […]

Blogging Ta Da {21}

I always have big plans for my reading and blogging and a lot of that depends on my emotional state. I’m really hoping that this week I’ll be able to acknowledge how good it feels to get things done and keep on track. I love lists and I love checking things OFF of lists. Here are this week’s goals! Goals Check In Long Term Goals […]

Blogging Ta Da {20}

This week was a bit of a mixed bag which I have come to expect. I started out strong and then come Wednesday (my really hard days for no reason whatsoever). Wednesday I lost all motivation for the goals I had planned. It’s crazy because I feel so much better when I can see my accomplishments. I had the weekend to work on that and […]