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Blogging Ta Da {17}

Despite Bout of Books happening this week I still feel like I got a good amount of blogging work in! I’m definitely making progress on my book cataloging project which feels good. I think it’s also really helping that I set a small amount of goals to do each day and make them achievable. I’ve applied this to everything in my life and I seem […]

Blogging Ta Da {16}

This week wasn’t overly productive. On the weeks I travel, my weeks are very rarely productive. BUT I did get a few things done and that feels pretty good. This week is Bout of Books so I don’t pressure myself to get a lot of blogging done while Bout of Books is going. I try to focus more on reading. Can’t be a book blogger […]

Blogging Ta Da {15}

This week was actually pretty good! I’m starting to get into a groove. I am getting my posts ahead of schedule. I’m reading again which feels great! I’m also starting to get back into reading and commenting on other blogs. I’m also finding ways to set smaller goals and to get those goals accomplished. 🙂 I’m feeling pretty good about things. It also helps that […]

Blogging Ta Da {14}

This week wasn’t *quite* as productive as I would have liked but I’m still getting back into my grove. The important thing is that I’m not constantly putting off blogging and I’m enjoying it. Next week might not be so productive because I do have a lot going on including a family holiday and working in Illinois. Here are this week’s updates and goals! Previous […]

Blogging Ta Da {13}

It has been so long since I’ve done any form of blogging. November was a huge reading slump and I thought I had pulled myself out of it just to lose it again. Lately I’ve noticed that I allow myself to focus all my spare time to one specific thing (or others would say obsess over). I’ve definitely been doing a lot of different things […]