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Blogging Ta Da {11/17/20}

This week was so productive and I couldn’t be happier! November Goal Check In: Schedule all pending reviews.In progress; I have 3 reviews scheduled and 11 drafted. Those 11 have my initial thoughts so only book info and proofing needs to be completed! SO close! Schedule all Blogging Ta Da Posts & Wednesday Weekly Wrap Ups for November. – Drafted; just need to stay on […]

Blogging Ta Da {11/10/20}

Well hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! I have goals and I really WANT to accomplish these goals. I broke down all of my goals and tried to determine how much I could accomplish each day. My biggest issue is being an overachiever and burning myself out on Monday and then ignoring all of the carefully constructed plans the rest of the week. I hope that by evenly distributing the […]

Blogging Ta Da {10/27/20}

Well September and October got away from me. We had some things pop up in the family, I decided that I wanted to paint my library three different colors, and October is always a busy month for me. I’ll update you on what I got accomplished from my September goals and then set some goals for November. Catch up review notes. Schedule all pending reviews. […]

Blogging Ta Da {9/8/20}

I am SO proud of myself this week! Yesterday I worked on blog posts for a HUGE chunk of my day and it was worth it. I like being able to see progress. I also liked not having specific daily goals listed here. I may very well continue this format in the future. We’ll see how it goes! Long Term Goals Check In:

September Blogging Goals

Lists make me feel like I have my life in control. When I accomplish the tasks on my lists, I’m happier. I feel more accomplished. The problem is that I’m unrealistic and a bit of an overachiever. Normally on Tuesdays I make these long complex lists to try and achieve. This month I’m going to start out by setting my intentions for September. I think […]