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Review: Act Like We’re In Love by Christi Barth

Linnea Larson has an appreciation for the stage and theatrical arts. What she doesn’t appreciate are Hollywood hunks who storm into small towns and think they have the talent to sing and act on stage. Living above her family owned theater is Linnea’s idea of heaven and she can hardly contain her excitement as preparations begin for the theater’s next production of Guys and Dolls. […]

Review: Taken By Midnight by Lara Adrian

Jenna Darrow, former Alaskan State Trooper, tragically lost her husband and child in a car accident years ago. Now she finds herself coming to terms with another tragedy she survived. A rogue monster has attacked her and now she is changing into something unhuman and unknown. A group of warriors known as The Order, have given her shelter in order to figure out what exactly […]

Review: Vow of Deception by Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson has another gem on her hands with Vow of Deception. Dramatic, passionate and endearing, this novel is a great read! Sir Rand Montague is an honorable knight always seeking to serve King and country, even if he may not agree with the request. When he is ordered to escort Rosalyn Harcourt back to court so the King may arrange her next marriage, Rand […]

Review: Earl of Darkness by Alix Rickloff

Cat O’Connell, a fallen lady turned thief, has been commissioned to steal a diary. An item of great importance, but the reason why eludes her. In an unfortunate happenstance during the robbery, she meets the owner of the diary, Aidan, the Earl of Kilronan. Aidan is dismayed to see a thief trying to steal the key to his family secrets, but elated when he discovers […]

Review: A Dead Man’s Debt by Grace Elliot

A Dead Man’s Debt is historical romance at its best. With this novel, you will find a poignant story about an untrusting woman, a notorious rake and the love that brings them both to their knees. This is a novel that should not be missed! Poor Miss Celeste Armitage. After refusing the advances of a suitor who utterly disgusts her, she is sent away by […]