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Beautiful Player *Bianca’s Review

I have had Beautiful Player sitting on my shelf for some time now. I am surprised it has been unread for so long but to be fair I have a lot of books that have been sitting on my shelf forever now but I’m slowly getting to them. I had already finished a few books from the Beautiful series and developed an addiction to Christina […]

The Indigo Spell *Bianca’s Review

I absolutely love Richelle Mead’s books! Well, at least all the ones that I have read. Her books have some of my favorite characters. When I first picked up Vampire Academy I ended up flying through the series. I was sad to see it end but excited to hear that there would be a spin-off. I started VA when all the books were already out […]

Monthly Music Mix

Hey Everybody! This is my first non-bookish post here on Once Upon a Chapter and I am excited to get to talk to you about another one of my passions, music! I love getting to review books but I also love getting to share with you other things about myself. Music has always been important to me. I am not musically gifted, although I did […]

Smoke by Ellen Hopkins *Bianca’s review*

Ellen Hopkins has never completely disappointed me. She is an amazing writer and creates spectacularly heart breaking stories. You can always expect so much love and loss in her books. So many emotions accompany finishing one of her books. I hope to one day read every book she has written or writes in the future. I have a bit of an obsession. She has to […]

Witches of East End *Bianca’s Review

I have read Melissa De La Cruz’s Blood Bloods Series and The Au Pair Series but I hadn’t really looked into her other books. I had seen tweets about the show a while back and then a month or two ago I noticed it was on Netflix. I knew it was a book before diving into the television series but decided I would just watch […]