Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon {Stephanie’s Review}


Oh my goodness! This book should come with some form of warning! I have a feeling that’s probably my fault though. I try to go into the books I read with as little knowledge as possible. I knew two things about Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon when I started it. 1) Aliens and 2) it was very popular.

Guys, I started this as an audiobook *at work*. I always wear headphones so it wasn’t embarrassing or anything but my face definitely gave me away if anybody knew what I was listening to. I’m sure it was scarlet. For anyone out there, like me, who doesn’t know what I’m talking about: this story was smokin’ hot.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much of a storyline once I was in the know. I can be such a snob sometimes. You’d think I’d learn, but I don’t. The story is what really makes the book. I’m not sure that I’d keep reading the series just for the smut factor. But Dixon made me care about the fate of the alien tribe and the human women on a spacecraft. I am curious to see how things go for Liz and Kira in particular.

I’m fond of Vektal. Without a doubt he is one of my favorite male leads in awhile. Sure, he goes all protective alpha but he also genuinely wants to understand Georgie. Speaking of Georgie she is a total badass. And I love her. I don’t always connect with badass female leads because I am not badass; however, Georgie was so great it was hard not to connect with her. She absolutely deserves Vektal.

I was a little disappointed with the Elder’s Cave and what happened there. I understand that for plot progression it had to happen but I really loved the play between Vektal and Georgie while they had a language barrier. The way Dixon made English sound to alien ears was fun and I enjoyed the way Vektal pronounced Gerogie as “Shorshie”. It was an adorable phase of their relationship development.

Dixon left readers on a slight cliffhanger for story continuation but I think the ending left everyone satisfied with Georgie and Vektal’s relationship.

I was able to buddy read this with Berls from Because Reading and I think we both really enjoyed the story and the buddy read.

2 responses to “Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have some by this author as freebies I think. Melanie and Sophia are fans I think.


    1. It was a pretty good read. It definitely surprised me!


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