Snow White Bride by Carol Grace {Stephanie’s Review}


I really wanted to like Snow White Bride by Carol Grace. I’ve been watching The Bookish Knitter on YouTube and her love for category romance had really inspired me to dive back in to the books that helped me start my romance reading journey. I think that it’s still possible for me to do that. I think I just started with a not great choice.

The first thing that I didn’t like was the way that Sabrina constantly talked down about herself. It didn’t matter who’s opinion she was thinking of herself through. She always painted herself in the worst light. Her parents probably thought she was an awful daughter. Her ex-fiance probably thought she was selfish and stupid. Zach probably thought she was terrified of commitment and a heartbreaker. In 184 pages it was a lot to put up with as a reader.

Zach himself wasn’t bad. He was a guy who as a kid had a hard life and it was effecting him still. That was easy to understand. It was mentioned a few times but I think it was easier to understand because he didn’t beat himself up about it that much. It was just sort of how it was and his parents were the source of that.

There was just a lot that happened in such a short amount of page time. The length may have also hindered the book. I know that categories are supposed to be that way. It makes them nice to fit in while still getting that hit of serotonin from reading romance. The pacing was off as well. For as much as what was happening in the book I should have been able to fly through it. Instead Snow White Bride took an embarrassing amount of time for me to finish.

There were also just really weird comments thrown in like this gem:

She’d thought she’d never see him again. She should have known better. San Francisco was a small town. Getting smaller by the minute.

I’m…..sorry but WHAT?! San Fransisco is “small”? I get that it was a small world situation where two people who didn’t think they’d see each other again do, but calling San Fran small is ridiculous. It pulled me right out of the book. San Fransisco may not be as big as Chicago or New York but my town of 24,500 (the 20th largest in the state) could fit in San Fran 36 times over.

In the end, I just didn’t enjoy this book that much. I definitely won’t be picking it up again. I do have one or two others in the series and I’ll give them a shot. It could just be that this was book caught me at the wrong time.

6 responses to “Snow White Bride by Carol Grace {Stephanie’s Review}”

    1. They can’t all be winners. πŸ˜‰


  1. Sometimes they just don’t work for me either.


    1. And it’s okay that it didn’t work! I’m not giving up yet!


  2. Sorry this one didn’t work for you. Also completely agree that San Fran is not a small town. I’d be more apt to forgive the author if they said it had a small town feel πŸ˜‰


    1. It’s okay! The next one will be better. πŸ˜€ It is not. Lol!


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