Namesake by Adrienne Young {Stephanie’s Review}


I read and truly enjoyed Fable last year. It only made sense that I would want to continue the story with Namesake by Adrienne Young. It was an added bonus that Lillian from Mom with a Reading Problem wanted to buddy read with me.

Namesake picked up right where Fable left off. The first 20% really seemed to move kind of slowly. This sometimes happens in Young’s books. Once things picked up, they really picked up! It became a breathless whirlwind of activity. I really enjoyed it. Namesake still has Young’s beautiful descriptions. There was also a bit of a mystery and I wasn’t sure how it was going to end and it kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing.

The beginning of Namesake had me questioning everything I knew about the characters I have come to know and love and love to hate. Young had me questioning if West was the man I had come to know. We did start to see new depths but I didn’t think that they were bad new characteristics. I really feel like Fable was starting to learn who she was. So much of the last few years for her were spent just surviving. I really loved getting to know Clove better. I was also pretty happy to see a character come back from Fable. I really didn’t think we were done with them yet.

I am so glad that I read both Fable and Namesake. After this duology Adrienne Young has a spot on my auto-read list.

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