The Lying Game by Ruth Ware {Stephanie’s Review}


I’m continuing my way through Ware’s backlist. Anne from Books of My Heart agreed to buddy read The Lying Game by Ruth Ware with me.

The Lying Game really seemed to go at a slower pace than Ware’s other books. It seemed to crawl by. I honestly wonder if it has to do with the mystery being about events that took place in the past with a few things happening in the present and not the other way around. There were some things happening in the present but not much. When it was eventually revealed what had happened it didn’t seem like such a big deal.

Isa is the narrator of the story. She seemed to have the least to do with it all. I honestly am sort of ambivalent about her. I didn’t like or dislike any of the girls. I felt bad for Luc. I genuinely disliked Mary. Out of everyone I felt like she was the worst. Her son might have been the victim of a cruel rumor but it clearly didn’t hold him back much. He has a pretty good career but clearly that wasn’t enough for her.

I still really enjoyed The Lying Game by Ruth Ware but it wasn’t my favorite by her.

4 responses to “The Lying Game by Ruth Ware {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. This was an odd book. I would be happy to buddy read more of her back list with you. Thanks for reading with me.


    1. Yes!! I’ll be saving a few of them but may dive back in with the remainder of her books towards September/October. I’ll get in touch when I do!


  2. I agree – I do think this one got to me more because when I read it Dante was just 4 or 5 months old and the mom drove me crazy with how irresponsible she was. It was a sort of extreme tension for me – completely outside the intended thriller/mystery of the book. I’ve read all her books now and I’m sad. Have you read Woman in Cabin 10 yet? or the Death of Mrs. Westaway? both are really good.


    1. That was a whole other level of tension wasn’t it? Cabin 10 was my first Ware and I don’t think I loved it all that much. I barely remember it. For some reason I’m feeling like it might have been open-ended and that’s why I didn’t like it?


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