Beach Read by Emily Henry {Stephanie’s Review}


Beach Read by Emily Henry was another fantastic COYER book club read. I had picked this book up on a Kindle deal but book club is why I read it. This book put Henry on my auto-read list.

I am a complete sucker for books that include books. I loved even more that one of the main characters was a romance writer. The premise of swapping genres made me love it so much more. There was a part in this book that absolutely made me ugly cry. I think it’s the first book this year to do that. Honestly the romance in this book wasn’t what had me so in love but also watching January realize who she is, where she comes from, and her place in the world.

January was working through a lot over the course of this book. Gus was too. They both held back from each other in the beginning. I really enjoyed watching them open up and start to trust each other. The secondary characters were just perfect! I loved Gus’s aunts Pete and Maggie. January’s best friend Shadi also really added to the story. These three characters didn’t have a ton of on page time but when they did, they really shined.

I laughed, I bawled, and I was emotionally invested. I adored Beach Read and I’m so happy I read it.

2 responses to “Beach Read by Emily Henry {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. This was a great read for book club. I enjoyed it a lot. I probably wouldn’t have gotten to it for awhile without the instigation of book club.


    1. It really was! Again it was one that I had but just had not picked up yet. Book club is always picking winners!


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