Monthly Archives: February 2021

January 2021 Nostalgia Reads Review Round Up

I was honestly really surprised by this book and that made me really enjoy it. Yes it was incredibly far fetched but it’s fiction and it was used to tell a morals story. Still. It was surprising and it shook the rut that I’ve been in with the BSC lately. I went into it thinking it was going to be all about the We Love […]

Persuasion by Jane Austen {Stephanie’s Review}

As happens sometimes in January I decided that I wanted to try to read more classics this year. I decided to give Persuasion by Jane Austen a shot. I LOVE Pride & Prejudice but I’ve never expanded on Austen’s works. Thankfully Berls from Because Reading wanted to buddy read it with me. I forgot just how long it takes to get into Austen’s world. I […]

January 2021 Wrap Up

January was actually a fairly good reading month for me. I read 10 books which is fairly good for me but a little bit lower than what I need to be able to reach my goals for the year. I hit some book burnout and had a hard time course correcting. I’m still in the middle of that long course correct but I’m feeling a […]