My Monopoly Board and 2021 Challenges

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Somewhere in the beginning of quarantine Lex had told me about making her own Monopoly board reading challenge based off of a romance challenge board that was circulating around Twitter at the time. I had seen the same board but never thought about taking the idea and making it my own. This is something that I use just for myself and so I changed the prompts to fit what worked for me and my reading tastes. I also use Random Number Generator to roll two dice as if I were actually playing Monopoly.

At the time everything was closed and even if it were open you certainly weren’t going to the craft store to buy things. I had just received my new reading planner in the mail and I had dotted graph paper in the back so I scaled my board down to fit in the back of my planner. Here she is!

When I first started using the board I was far too strict with it. I could ONLY read from the rolls made and there was no room for anything else. This lasted for maybe 15 books before it was no longer fun. Now I’ve brought it back out and I plan on using it in conjunction with other challenges. I also don’t plan to build my TBR solely from the board. I’m going to try and work out what works best for me. I’m a planner so it may take a few months to fine tune what that looks like.

To show you an example of rolls from my Monopoly TBR game here’s what I rolled on 12/18/20. I started at GO. When I hit Chance I used random number generator to get my “card”.

Roll 1: 2 + 5 – Chance 10) Read the next Outlander book – Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon
Roll 2: 6 + 3 – Fantasy – Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
Roll 3: 5 + 2 – Any Romance – Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters
Roll 4: 5 + 1 – Classic/Non-Fiction – Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen
Roll 5: 4 + 3 – Chance 4) Read a book by Emery Lord – When We Collided by Emery Lord

I crossed out the books I finished before today. I can use this to help build my TBR. I rolled these close to the middle of December so there was a chance I would finish these mid-January. So before I did my January TBR post I rolled the next 5 rolls. I probably won’t finish those additional five rolls in January but I will then be able to prepare better for February.

Now how to work these in to my TBR? I started with Tears of Tess as my first pick. I buddy read that book with Lex. Then Drums of Autumn and When We Collided are both COYER eligible books so I decided not to start those until January 1st. That meant that I had Throne of Glass and Chase Darkness with me that I could read in December or roll over into 2021.

In January Berls and I are buddy reading Persuasion so I could also change that prompt from non-fiction to a classic and carry that roll over to 2021. If that’s a more challenging roll for me I might. We’ll also be getting the COYER read-a-thons in advance so I can easily make some of these categories work to fit the current read-a-thons as well.

It is more important for me to learn to be flexible than to be rigid and lose the fun of it.

What do you think? Will you be making your own Monopoly board?



4 Responses to “My Monopoly Board and 2021 Challenges”

    • Stephanie

      I think I will! If it loses its charm then I can always disregard it. It’s more about reminding me that I was excited for the books on my TBR at one time and challenging me to get to them! ?

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    Yes I think you will have to be flexible to work out what’s best for you. This is too fussy for me right now. It’s why I am doing less challenges last year and this year and just focusing on my goals. Good luck!

    • Stephanie

      It’s been years since I’ve done any real challenges. This year I’m using COYER and the monopoly board to test the waters with challenges again. If it ends up stressing me out I’ll set aside the Monopoly rolls again. It’s all in good fun!

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