Foodie Friday: Buffalo Chicken Biscuits

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Friday and Wednesday tend to be my naturally higher calories days. Wednesday I worked late trying to avoid the news and Jeff got home even later. We sat in dumbstruck muteness watching the news. I wasn’t shocked. I told Jeff a month ago that it was a possibility. I hoped I was wrong and it was just the anxiety talking. I wasn’t shocked but I was still horrified. I didn’t have that numbness that comes with shock.

After an hour of just watching we decided we’d better eat. I ate my feelings that night but I held myself accountable. Thursday was a new day. Everything is not okay but for me I still have to keep trying to get healthy.

Weekly stats:

2,085 of 2,325 calories used
Bonus Calories: 30
Weekly Over/Under: 1,118 over

2,711 of 2,325 calories used
Bonus Calories: 234
Weekly Over/Under: 1,504 over

1,165 of 2,325 calories used
Bonus Calories: 311
Weekly Over/Under: 344 over

1,733 of 2,325 calories used
Bonus Calories: 309
Weekly Over/Under: 248 under

2,604 of 2,325 calories used
Bonus Calories: 121
Weekly Over/Under: 31 over

3,869 of 2,317 calories used
Bonus Calories: 55
Weekly Over/Under: 1,552 over
Weigh Day: -0.9 lbs; Total: -4.1 lbs

1,996 of 2,317 calories used
Bonus Calories: 250
Weekly Over/Under: 1,231 over

Recipe of the Week:

Emily Bites is such a great resource! She is one of my go tos when I am needing recipe inspiration. There are several of her recipes that I have made and really enjoy.

I had some biscuits on hand that I needed to use up and I am a sucker for buffalo chicken dip. I used Emily’s Mini Buffalo Chicken Dip Bread Bowls as inspiration. My recipe varied because I had biscuits instead of the French bread Emily used. I had 16 biscuits vs 10 mini bread bowls so I doubled the filling ingredients. These biscuits were amazing. I have no regrets. Four by themselves was more than enough for dinner.

Honestly I may continue to make them this way I enjoyed them so much!

Servings: 4 servings of 4 biscuits
Calories: 644 (with my ingredients)



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