Blogging Ta Da {1/19/21}

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Blogging Ta Da

I still haven’t quite got back to my normal blogging self. I’m working on it though. Sunday I started some new habit building techniques and I’m already seeing how much pressure I put on myself to accomplish a whole host of things without really having a plan or strategy. I have been just sort of throwing things out to the universe and hoping something would stick.

Now I’m developing a plan. It’s taking some time and there will be some changes as I learn what works best for *me*.

January Goals:

  • Catalog second bookshelf entirely
  • Catalog third bookshelf entirely
  • Draft January TBR review posts – In progress; hoping to finish this week
  • Work on Feedly back log – In progress; I feel like my current approach is pretty helpful
  • Transfer my hosting from GoDaddy to Book Host – Completed
What I’m doing to reach those goals:

Draft One by One review post
Draft Mary Anne and Miss Priss review post
Draft Kristy and the Copycat review post
Draft Drums of Autumn review post
Draft Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall review post
Draft Wicked Saints review post
Draft One of Us is Lying review post
Draft Jessi’s Horrible Prank review post
Draft Visions of Heat review post
Draft Namesake review post
Draft Stacey’s Lie review post

Completed tasks for January:

Set up login credentials for Ashley
Draft Throne of Glass review post
Draft Dawn and the We Love Kids Club review post
Draft Chase Darkness with Me review post
Draft Mary Anne and the Library Mystery review post
Draft When We Collided review post

Not originally on the list but completed:
Scheduled Walking the Wire review
Scheduled 1/5/21 Blogging Ta Da
Scheduled Top 5 Favorites post with Alexa
Drafted Persuasion review post



4 Responses to “Blogging Ta Da {1/19/21}”

  1. Lover of Romance

    Its always so important to try different processes to figure out what works for you especially as personal life changes and we have to adapt to change. Hope you figure out the best process for you hun.

  2. Berls

    I have done that so many times with so many things – wanted something to happen without having a plan and I guess that rarely works out. Good luck working your way through figuring out the way – even if it takes some time, it’s worth it. and then when life changes, you get to change the plan lol!

  3. Iza

    I can relate and wish you success in your organizing 😉 I’m working on the same things but I haven’t finished yet !

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