Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen {Stephanie’s Review}


I picked up Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen because I needed a non-fiction book for my Monopoly roll and I had recently shelved it on GoodReads and knew I had it. I really like the Murder Squad podcast and I wanted to know more about Jensen.

I listened to the majority of this on audio and Billy Jensen does his own narration. I really enjoyed it because the author was telling me his story. He talked about how he ended up in true crime and how he became, in my opinion, an amazing victims’ advocate.

Jensen talks about his friendship and time spent taking shop with Michelle McNamara, helping to finish up her book when she was no longer here to do so for herself, and how he developed a way of helping families find answers via social media.

There is so much in this book. You could feel the desperation he has for clearing cases and wanting to be able to give answers. I think he’s incredibly disciplined because he won’t compromise a case even if he knows it’ll give him answers.

Jensen walks through how you can start doing your own social media sleuthing. It’s not something I’m interested in because I’m sure it would consume me and I am not able to walk away easily. I obsess over things. And to be frank it intimidates me.

Jensen’s method is incredibly simple and yet so very effective. He even wrote about a case he helped with in my hometown. I wasn’t expecting to see my little town of 33,000 people pop up in a random book but there you have it!

I’m glad I listened to Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen on audio. I think it really did make the book for me.

4 responses to “Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. Oh yay for grabbing up a non fiction that you loved. I really admire those reads that infer the value of determination and that passionate drive. Happy to see you enjoyed your choice for this monopoly option.

    Great review.


    1. Yes! It was so good and having the author read the book always adds to the book! Thank you!


  2. It sounds amazing. Great review! I think I would enjoy this also. I do tend to like it when the author narrates the book. They know the correct emotional slant to give different sections.


    1. I really enjoyed it. Thanks! I had never really thought about it that way but you are so right!


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