Walk the Wire by David Baldacci {Stephanie’s Review}


COYER had a “books released in 2020 that you meant to read and didn’t” read-a-thon and I had a few to choose from. I’ve been trying to read Walk the Wire by David Baldacci since April. It felt like a fitting time to get it in. I always enjoy time spent with Amos Decker.

The plot in Walk the Wire had a weird pacing to it. There were definitely lulls in the story but there was just so much going on too. There are two storylines happening simultaneously and it’s impossible to tell if they are truly independent or if they are actually related.

I honestly didn’t know if they were related or not until Amos Decker figured it all out. In true Decker style, he didn’t explain anything until he was good and ready; much to the frustration of Jamison and myself. The plot of this book was very enjoyable even if the pacing was off.

Walk the Wire only includes Decker and Jamison from the crew that I’ve become used to. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them or their wonderful friendship. I just really love all the characters that we’ve met along the way and I missed them here. They’re briefly mentioned in the periphery. I didn’t get to see the family Amos has chosen to take on but I did get to see a lot of good Jamison and Decker interaction.

The case takes Decker and Jamison to South Dakota and there are a whole host of new characters there. There is also a whole new secondary element to the investigation.

I really enjoyed Walk the Wire by David Baldacci, I just wish we were able to spend more time with familiar faces as well. Because I was missing that whole family element I had to drop my rating just a bit. I hope Baldacchi continues the series. Currently there is no information for a seventh book.

2 responses to “Walk the Wire by David Baldacci {Stephanie’s Review}”

  1. OK I didn’t read this one thoroughly because this is a series I definitely want to read.


    1. I don’t blame you! These books are so good and I hope you enjoy them when you get to them! 🙂


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