Monthly Archives: December 2020

Foodie Friday: Cranberry Turkey Roll Up

I am pretty pleased with this last week! I had a pretty surprising loss on Wednesday and it definitely inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing. I certainly won’t expect (and actually don’t want) that kind of loss each week but it is a good way to keep my motivation going. As you’ll see below I really struggled with purposeful activity this week. Weekly […]

Thursday Telly Report {12/10/20}

I didn’t make much headway in back seasons but I finished True Detective Season 2. My weekend was fairly busy and the rest of the week I found myself listening to audiobooks and dipped back into BookTube for a little bit too. My goal this week is to finish Good Morning Miss Bliss and Murder in the Heartland Season 2. Balance. I also really need […]

Blogging Ta Da {12/8/20}

This week was pretty productive and I’m very happy with how things are shaping up. I think I’ve found a method of tracking my blog schedule and the tasks that I need to stay with that blog schedule. Checking in at least once a day is definitely helping!! I am SO glad that I’m finally enjoying blogging again. December Goal Check In: Draft all December […]