Holiday Hop 2020 {Hosted by Because Reading}

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One of my favorite childhood memories is after Christmas with my dad’s family we would drive around our small hometown looking at the Christmas lights. I do love that.

Jeff and I generally do not have many traditions around Christmas. We’re getting better though! Traditions that I want to start implementing are: making time for my husband and myself to have time for just us during the holidays, making sure we decorate every year, and getting a good dose of the holiday spirit by watching more Christmas specials and movies! 2020 has actually made these things attainable without a lot of fuss. Here is the Christmas tree I made sure to put up this year!

Our Christmas Tree

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10 Responses to “Holiday Hop 2020 {Hosted by Because Reading}”

    • Stephanie

      We did that with my mom as kiddos. I can’t bake a sugar cookie to save my life. They always come out too floury because the dough sticks to EVERYTHING. Enjoy your sugar cookies!

  1. Sophia Rose

    I’ve taken a few evening walks in the neighborhoods around town to see people’s Christmas displays. I enjoyed the wrangling my husband I do each year getting up the greenery and lights outside. 🙂 And, then I do the tree and other inside decorations. Making fudge has become an annual tradition.

    • Stephanie

      Christmas lights are the best. My husband really enjoys fudge. I need to find his grandfather’s recipe. He really likes it. My husband does the lights and then I’m left in charge of the tree.

  2. Berls

    I love the lights! I used to love seeing them as a kid and a few years ago we drove through this big park full of lights choreographed to music. We’re in the process of creating our traditions too, but my favorite is always decorating the christmas tree. It’s work, but so beautiful.

    • Stephanie

      Yes! And now you have a little one to build those traditions with. I bet he’ll love the lights once you all can get out and see them safely.

  3. Sarah L

    My favorite tradition for the last 25 years has been spending Christmas evening with friends and having a big dinner and a white elephant exchange. But not this year.

    • Stephanie

      Yes! My husband’s family does this. The first year we did just whatever we could find under $20. The second year we did Christmas ornaments. This year nothing. 🙁 Here’s to hoping we can get back to that this time next year.

  4. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    What a pretty tree you have! My favorite tradition is seeing my family on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we tend to do our own things and spend the day with our own families, but Christmas Eve is when we come together. We have snacks and treats, play games, exchange gifts. It won’t be able to happen this year but that will make next year even better.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you! I know the decorations can’t be seen but I love Christmas trees when their lights can really shine. Yes. We’re the same. Christmas Day is reserved for the small families and we work around everything else for the big family get togethers. I am so very much looking forward to Christmas ’21!

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