Foodie Friday: Cranberry Turkey Roll Up

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I am pretty pleased with this last week! I had a pretty surprising loss on Wednesday and it definitely inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing. I certainly won’t expect (and actually don’t want) that kind of loss each week but it is a good way to keep my motivation going. As you’ll see below I really struggled with purposeful activity this week.

Weekly stats:

55/48 daily points 41 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: Skipped the treadmill today (+6 activity points for the week)

66/48 daily points 23 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: Walking around two warehouse stores 6 points (+12 activity points for the week)

51/48 daily points 20 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: Nada. After yesterday’s shopping excursion and the repackaging this morning I was feeling pressed for me time. Tomorrow I get back on the wagon! But +1 point for just walking around the house (+13 activity points for the week)

56/48 daily points 12 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: So much for tomorrow. I have to get a physical aspect added back in because right now I pretty much move from desk chair to couch. 🙁 +1 activity point probably from having to do my own small grocery shop (+14 activity points for the week)

59/48 daily points 1 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: None (+14 activity points for the week)

52/47 daily points 44 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: Oof. None. I really need to find some motivation. (0 activity points for the week)
Weigh Day: – 4.4 lbs; Total: -6.9 lbs

52/47 daily points 39 of 49 weekly points remaining
Activity: You guessed it. Honestly activity is where I struggle the most!! I just can’t get the motivation to do anything. I think come Monday my goal for that week is going to be just to get on the treadmill 3 days. Maybe if I start small I can build on that. (0 activity points for the week)

Recipe of the Week:

Cranberry Turkey Roll Ups

This came from my 2012 eMeals subscription. I can’t link to the recipe as it is such an old recipe so I’ll share it here. (The recipes aren’t proprietary; the meal planning service is.)

Serves: 1
Points: 6 (on the Carb Conscious plan)

1 light Flat-out wraps (or other wrap)
1 oz deli turkey
1 slice Swiss cheese
1 T whole cranberry sauce
1 t chopped pecans
Fresh spinach leaves

Smear cranberry sauce across wrap. Add Swiss cheese. (I divide my cheese in half to fit across the whole wrap) Add deli turkey. Add spinach leaves. Add pecans. Roll and enjoy!



4 Responses to “Foodie Friday: Cranberry Turkey Roll Up”

  1. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I’d definitely like this recipe. I often just take a piece of cheese and wrap turkey in it and eat that with nothing else when I’m in a hurry. I should remember to add spinach or lettuce.

    With everything it is all about working up to more. Good luck but be patient with yourself. Only non-food rewards, that’s one of my bad things, looking at food treats as a reward.

    I start my routine with doing a strength / flexibility nearly every morning which really only takes about 10 minutes. Currently that includes a stretch, lifting weights 10 reps in 5 directions, then some back stretches, then 25 pushups. I just need to add some cardio.

    • Stephanie

      Yes! It’s so good. 🙂

      Mine too! I see food as a reward or as something I “deserve” which as long as I’m keeping my goals in mind isn’t awful but often that isn’t the case.

      I really need to try and get my work outs in during the morning. If I don’t I’m likely to talk myself out of it. I am just NOT a morning person and have to be clocked in at 8:30. I’m slowly working towards it. I now get up at 7 instead of 8 so maybe I need to start working on getting up at 6:30 and doing my treadmill stuff then.

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